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Monochrome To Colour
Ed Harcourt
Point Of Departure
Catalogue Number
Release Date
18 szeptember 2020
  • LP+CD Bundle:

    • Monochrome To Colour Lemez

    • Monochrome To Colour CD

    Elérhető: 18 szeptember 2020

A haunting and other-worldy new record from Ed Harcourt, his ninth studio album

Second release on Point Of Departure following 2018’s release, Beyond The End

Recorded at his own ‘Wolf Cabin’ studio in rural Oxfordshire between January and October 2019, this beautiful 12-track album was written and produced entirely by Harcourt. It features Clive Deamer from Portishead on drums on three tracks, and Gita & Amy Langley on violin & cello respectively

The new album is full of rapturous outreach. It was made with an interesting blend of instrumentation, ancient and modern. There’s a 1910 Hopkinson baby grand piano, and also a dulcitone, a 19th-century oddity where hammers strike an array of tuning forks

Double heavyweight black vinyl housed inside a gatefold sleeve with high gloss finish. Artwork designed by renowned photographer Steve Gullick First single ‘Drowning In Dreams’ accompanied by stunning video filmed in Iceland, directed by Gullick

Digitális számlista

  1. 1 First Light 5:44 Vásárlás

    First Light

  2. 2 Ascension 3:47 Vásárlás


  3. 3 Drowning In Dreams 4:58 Vásárlás

    Drowning In Dreams

  4. 4 Her Blood Is Volcanic 4:24 Vásárlás

    Her Blood Is Volcanic

  5. 5 Only The Darkness Smiles For You 4:22 Vásárlás

    Only The Darkness Smiles For You

  6. 6 Death of the Siren 4:06 Vásárlás

    Death of the Siren

  7. 7 After The Carnival 4:50 Vásárlás

    After The Carnival

  8. 8 Last Rites 4:14 Vásárlás

    Last Rites

  9. 9 So Here's To You, Hally 2:49 Vásárlás

    So Here's To You, Hally

  10. 10 Childhood 3:40 Vásárlás


  11. 11 King Raman 3:04 Vásárlás

    King Raman

  12. 12 Monochrome Into Colour 4:40 Vásárlás

    Monochrome Into Colour

Ed Harcourt

Ed Harcourt

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